Band Member Bio`s



Mike Soper - Keyboards/Vocals Mike Soper  Keyboards/Vocals


A Philly native, Mike began playing piano at age 7. Musically, Soper has appeared on more than a dozen CD’s, showing his versatility as a writer, producer, lead vocalist, keyboardist and vocal arranger. Mike co-produced and performed on the mp3 chart hit single I Believe with the Philly based pop group “Cloning Einstein”.
As an actor, in 1999, he performed in "Rasputin" at the Grand Opera in Wilmington, DE, with Ted Neeley of Jesus Christ Superstar fame. His voice can be heard on the original soundtrack of "Rasputin”.

Mike co-founded Tribute to Journey Odyssey Road in January 2009 along with James "Bubba" Sanderford (Lead Vocalist). Mike sings lead vocals on the Journey songs made popular by former keyboardist Gregg Rolie on such hits as "Feeling That Way" ,"Anytime" and "Just The Same Way".

Mike Soper added to Tribute to Journey Odyssey Road a solid vocal and keyboard to the lineup and with his vocal coaching abilities opened up a five part harmony section to the band as well. Mike Soper’s vocals are featured on two tracks of Tribute to Journey Odyssey Road’s first full length CD titled “Essence Recaptured” on the songs “Feeling That Way” and “Anytime”.



Paulie G. (Paul Granato) - Guitar/Vocals Paulie Granato  Guitars/Vocals


Paul better known as Paulieg has been playing guitar almost all his life. He has performed in most major coliseums including Madison Square Garden two times in New York City; Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York; Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia PA; Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte NC; Kemp Coliseum, Detroit, Michigan and many others nationally. Paul has played guitar for, Tommy James, Chris Yulden, founding member of "Bullet" with two national hits "White Lies" (top 20 billboard), "Will power weak temptation strong" top 100 billboard, and played with other acts out of SIR studios NYC, Guitar sessions at Electric Lady Studios NYC and also TV shows along the way including Dick Clark, Alex Trebek, Edmond Canada, The Real Don Steel Show LA, Sky Angel network Channel 51. Worked on projects with Columbia Pictures Inc, Bell Records, Big Tree Records.

Paulie G was sought out for Odyssey Road in March of 2009 and even though looks were not needed Paulie has been mistaken for Neal Schon on occasion, Paul brings the sizzling guitar riffs and an added baritone backing vocal to the band.

Brian Lutz – Drums/Vocals Brian Lutz  Drums/Vocals


An independent South-Florida recording and performing drum artist experienced in an array of different playing styles from Rock to Jazz to Brazilian Samba. With a combined 25 years of professional on-stage experience, global touring and studio recording.
A graduate from the University of North Florida with a B.A. in Jazz Performance, Brian has mastered venues of all types - from cruise lines, to theme parks (Universal, Busch Gardens and Disney) to entertaining tens of thousands overseas with world-wide tour appearances as a former member of the U.S. Army Field Band; the U.S. Army’s premier touring show band.
Brian’s educational endeavors have led him to self-produce his own full-length 3-hour instructional DVD entitled “Practical Drumming with Brian Lutz” (available at and at east coast George’s Music stores). Within months of the initial release of “Practical Drumming”, featured in MODERN DRUMMER and DRUMHEAD magazines.

Brian was drafted into Tribute to Journey Odyssey Road in October of 2009 adding a missing element that only Steve Smith former member of Journey could bring himself.


Bobby G. (Robert Gugliuzza) Bass/Vocals Bobby G. ( Robert Gugliuzza ) Bass/Vocals


Bobby G Has played in many bands including; 4-PLAY, Irruption, HIT -n- RUN, Laden, Chris Alvey's HI-FI-SISTER,. The CITY OF DAVID. Bob helped produce write and record the self-titled CD CITY OF DAVID. Bobby G. also has written and published his own self released cd titled “WEHUMANZ”. During his career Bobby G. has opened for Night Ranger, Jimmy Needham, Rodger Waters, America, Foghat, Boston, Bad Company and more.

Bobby adds his solid bass guitar riffs and tenor vocal chops to Tribute to Journey Odyssey Road.

James "Bubba" Sanderford - Vocals James 'Bubba' Sanderford  Vocals


Born in Memphis TN He played in High School Band from 7th grade through 12th, various instruments such as: Clarinet, Saxophone, Baritone, Oboe, Percussion, Bass and Guitar. James performed in various local bands in Memphis,TN, and West Memphis, AR until 1991 when he moved to West Palm Beach, FL. He then worked in recording studios as an audio engineer, producing engineer, camera man, video editor, commercial jingle writer and also was hired as a commercial vocalist, doing National commercials for Taco Bell, Windsor Casino, and various others.

James has performed on stage with national artist “Mickey Thomas” of Star Ship, “Jimi Jamison” of Survivor, “Mike Reno” of Loverboy, “Brian Howe” of Bad Company,  quoted by Mike Reno “Man you have an amazing set of pipes”.

 As the founding member of Odyssey Road “Bubba” brings his 6 octave vocal range adding to the group a soaring Tenore contraltino vocal that will leave you stunned and amazed.